How to Prepare and Equip Your Apartment for Renting

| July 24, 2017

Renting an apartment is a great way to make some regular money on the side, especially if you have a spare apartment that nobody lives in. However, whatever property you’re renting, you have to prepare and equip it adequately, so here are a few ideas on how to do so in the apartment you’re planning on renting.

Identify your audience

First of all, find out what kind of people you’d like to rent your apartment to and see whether potential candidates suit your wishes or not. Setting an age limit is always a good idea, as well as determining if you’ll be looking for a group of people – a small family, for instance – or individuals. These things may not seem like the most important parts of the entire renting process, but are actually quite important when it comes to furnishing the apartment and tailoring it to someone’s specific needs. It’s something realtors have been doing for a while, so you might want to think about it, too.

Focus on the walls

What’s the first thing you notice upon entering a room, no matter how spacious it is? The walls, of course! Covering the majority of the room, the walls have the power to make or break its appearance and depending on their colour and treatment, you’ll instantly love or hate the space. Therefore, be sure to repaint them before renting – not only will you spice up the space, but you’ll also hide visible marks, holes, cracks and chips on the walls that need detailed treatment. Finally, you can add intriguing wall art or a colourful wallpaper that might hit the spot with your desired audience.

Double-check everything

Now, it’s time to check whether everything in your apartment is functional and up to the highest standard, particularly if you’re renting the appliances together with the space. Only if everything from the stove, microwave and fridge to the washing machine and dryer is working will you be able to rent the apartment. Also, don’t forget to check the bathroom and kitchen fixtures and furniture – if any of the elements are old, shabby or cracked, you should probably replace them as soon as possible, especially if you notice leaks or signs of scaling. Start your search for new sinks, visually appealing bath tubs and intriguing toilets that can create a new dynamic in your bathroom and significantly raise its value.

Highlight the focal point

Regardless of its size, creating a focal point in an apartment is one of the most important things you should do before renting it. This is a spot where your tenants are going to gather and spend the most of their time, so it needs to be perfect. Creating a focal point is quite easy if your apartment includes an unusual architectural feature – a breakfast nook in the kitchen or a window seat in the bedroom, for example – but you still need to put some work in it, too. Repainting this area using a bold statement colour is always a good idea, while everyone will appreciate if you add some throw pillows and blankets into the mix. Ultimately, you can opt for a floor focal point – but only if your floors are spotless! – by using warm and cosy area rugs.

Furnish and decorate

Finally, what about the furniture? Renting it out with the apartment means you’ll have to invest some money into reupholstering couches, sofas and armchairs, replacing mattresses and fixing tables and chairs. Visit your local flea market and you’ll surely find cheap and quality furniture that will fit into the space and make it more exciting. In case some of your dining room chairs aren’t functional, get new ones and don’t forget that mismatched dining chairs are a huge trend right now.

There are lots of ways to upgrade your apartment before renting it and this preparatory process will certainly attract more potential tenants who’ll be happy to pay extra money for a recently furnished apartment. Moreover, this process will also pay off if you decide to sell your property sometime in the future. However, while decorating the place is great, be sure to leave something to the tenants too as they’ll definitely want to personalize the space by adding their own decorations here and there.

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