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| June 21, 2009

Its all about location ..Location ..Location here in Australia or then anywhere in the world , when it comes to real estate. Just yesterday my friend went and bought a house just off yirrigan drive Dianella Perth.

I went and saw the house and it was totally unlivable for my standards.It was the only house on the block though that sold for a bargain @ $408 K for a 717 sqm total. When i looked at the huge backyard where you could easily play cricket and the ample parking for about 5 cars , i hastily ate my words. Here was value , through in a renovation and you already have 150 k worth of equity on your hands.I was asking myself where were houses like this when i was on the lookout.

Under offer Sold for sale

The beauty of this bargain is that there is always a desperate seller ( many a time ) when the first sale is fallen through and the next one comes along .. puts a really challenging offer and it still desperately accepted.Leaving one person fully happy and probably one person happy, but quite not that happy and the Real estate agent always happy.

The weekend went doing a lots of visiting shops and driving around doing stuff, and i noticed one thing ,this week must have been a very busy week for the people selling houses because driving around Dianella , Morley , Yokine it was really very rare to see a for sale board that had no Under ofer or Sold signage on it. Every suburb we just saw boards saying “sold” “Sold” “Sold” or then “under offer” Under offer.

It would Be good to see signs saying “sale fallen through , Make a punt”

Me and me mrs were totally surprised , of all the 10 to 20 boards we saw over the weekend we saw only about maybe 2 that was still having a normal for sale sign. This must surely mean the investors are back or then the FHB and the investors are back in full force.

for sale

I remember some property sector analysts saying that there would be a further downturn happening in the market in 2009 , but there was definitely no signs showing anything like that is happening here in WA . The stock market has risen and doing good and the property market is also going great guns .. so really you gotta be init to win it. Though with caution and i suppose you have a few extra 100K lying around..

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