6 Smart Ways to Trim Down Your Moving Time Notably

| February 11, 2017

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If the recent increase in house prices in some of Australia’s major cities convinced you to move, even with the assistance of a professional removalist, there is still a lot that is expected from you when it comes to moving houses. To say the least, it is one job that requires several months of planning, researching and finally executing the move. It becomes especially harder for those who like to keep delaying the organization until the eleventh hour and eventually blame the move for being time-consuming and tedious.

There are many ways one can reduce the time required to make a smooth transition. But only if you act smart and plan everything in advance. Here are a few tips we would like to pitch in to help you stay stress-free all along the way.

Plan Ahead

Organization is the key. Remember those last-minute presentation rehearsals, doing deadline projects the night before submission? Do you remember feeling the pressure and frustration when things don’t go as planned? The exact same will happen if you don’t plan your move ahead of time. Have multiple lists made, set reminders, assign tasks and check in with every house member to ensure you are packed and ready before the time to move comes near.

Call Up Some Buddies

Need help packing? What are friends and families for? Call them up to help you relieve a little burden of packing from your shoulders. Moving will take time, but it will take lesser time when there are more pairs of hands prepping you for it. It is the perfect time to call in a few favours. You can always return the favour once you have moved into your new place.

Have Everything Packed Before the Moving Day

The moving process will be significantly slowed done if the removalists are already at your house, transferring boxes, and you are still left with some belongings to pack. Whether you like it or not, moving day is going to be stressful. To reduce some of the hassle, ensure that all of it has been packed, labelled and put out in the main hall to be picked up a night before the move. This way, you will be able to offer a helping hand and keep an eye on your stuff to ensure nothing gets misplaced or damaged.

Pick Professional Removalists to Get the Job Done Right

Book professional removalists like Walkers Moving and Storage a few weeks before your big move. The biggest perk of working with professional removalists is that they know exactly how to do their job. Unlike yourself, they are skilled professionals who know how to handle different types, including your most fragile items.

Leave Detailed Instructions

When booking removalists, ensure that you have conveyed all the details of the move, communicated the services your require, inquired and negotiated about quotes, talked about any hidden charges included, questioned about insurance policy etc. Moreover, talk to them about all those times that would need special handling and care and where would you want them to deliver it in case you run a little late so that the whole process has been visualized before.

We hope that these precautionary measures beforehand will make for a smoother transition in your new home.

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