Driveway Gate Options: Ranked Least to Most Expensive

| January 16, 2017

Driveway gates are an important security solution for all residential, commercial and industrial properties. Perfect for boosting property value, reducing insurance premiums and adding a level of privacy, it’s a smart investment for any property owner to make.

If you’re looking to construct a new driveway gate and want to know how to keep costs to a minimum, we’ve broken down the choices and ranked them from least to most expensive. There’s a huge variety of options on the market; from the type of materials used to the gate style and desired locking mechanisms – all of which can vary the price significantly. Before you book in your chosen fencing contractor, here’s some essential information for you to make the decision easier:

1. Simple Tubular Style Gates

At the top of the list for cost-effectiveness, simple tubular gates are at the lower end of the price range when it comes to design. These driveway gate options are simple but aesthetically pleasing, and complement the rest of the property beautifully – without breaking the bank. Look for no-frill boxy designs for a modern appeal. To keep costs down, opt for powder-coated aluminium materials which is the least expensive metal used for driveway gates. The durable and maintenance free properties makes it a popular choice and because it’s naturally rust proof, you won’t have to worry about harsh weather conditions affecting it.


2. Decorative Tubular

If you’re after something more decorative, ornate tubular gate styles offer some frills, without the hefty price tag. Similar to the regular tubular design, these fencing and gates have decorative tips on the poles. Embellishments are also included within the design and offer popular styles like Gothic and Westminster. Like most driveway gate styles, decorative tubular can be custom designed to reflect individual tastes.

Powder-coated aluminium and powder-coated steel are common material choices for these designs. Because steel is heavier and more durable, it’s more expensive than aluminium but works better for higher security purposes. If you decide to go with steel make sure you’re purchasing a driveway gate that’s been treated to prevent rust. Steel is naturally prone to rusting so anything left untreated can cost you money for maintenance down the track.


3. Traditional Picket

Love that classic picket look? Traditional picket fencing and gates have always added a sense of charm and character to a property, one that can’t always be achieved through other styles. In the middle of the price sector, picket driveway gates are the third most expensive. The white-picket look is attractive, timeless, affordable and very popular in most communities. For driveway gates, these designs can be created as a double swing or sliding gate.

The biggest downfall of picket fencing and gates though is its wood properties. Timber wood isn’t as durable as other materials and it’s notoriously difficult to maintain – especially in rough weather prone locations. To eliminate warping, cracks and other issues associated with timber invest in maintenance-free aluminium instead. This material can still be coated to mimic all warmth and appeal of natural wood, just without the drama. Smartwood aluminium is at the top end of the price range for materials but its perks are priceless.


4. Slat Driveway Gates

Next on the price scale are slat driveway gates that boast a similar look to picket, but with horizontal slats. For properties that require a better level of privacy, this fencing and gate option is preferred. The gaps between the slats are minimal, making it hard for people walking past to see inside. Slat driveway gates usually come in Smartwood aluminium, but if you’re looking to save more on costs, powder-coated steel can be utilised.


5. Security Gates

On the more expensive end on the scale, steel security gates are ideal for high-security situations. These gates are made from high-strength galvanised steel which restricts anyone trying to break through. The top of the posts has sharp embellished tips to prevent efforts to climb over the gate and access property too.


6. Screen Driveway Gates

For a unique and premium design option, screen driveway gates offer a highly attractive but secure alternative. Whilst they are the most expensive, they provide high coverage and are very durable. These driveway gates are made from heavy duty metal and designs are laser-cut and perforated into the screen. Because the cut-out design can be customised, they are a fantastic option for privacy.

In addition to the gate style and materials used, you will need to consider what locking mechanism is best. Manual closing is the cheapest option and requires the user to stop on the street and get out of the car to open it. These gates are usually locked with a key and padlock. Remote control and pin pad or code locks are more popular because they’re cost-effective and practical. Remote control gates are automatically controlled by a small button remote, whilst the pin pad or code locks are attached to the mains power. Both options don’t require you to leave the vehicle to open the gate. More expensive alternatives include swipe card locks, buzzer and intercoms and solar power electric styles.


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