The Advantages of Using Professional Cleaners for End-of-Lease Cleaning

| October 25, 2017

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Moving out of a rented house or apartment to a new place can be an exciting time, but also very tiring – or even traumatic – given the many things that have to be done. Signing a new lease, organizing removals, settling utility bills and notifying people of your change of address are just a few of the tasks. But the one that most people dread is the cleaning of the place from which you are moving.

There is a big temptation to try and save money by doing the end-of-lease cleaning yourself, but this often proves to be false economy if the landlord is not satisfied with the job you have done, and insists on withholding all or part of your security deposit or bond money to cover the cost of finishing the work to the landlord’s requirements.

Using professional house cleaners to do the job is not as expensive as many think, and services like Stellar End of Lease Cleaning are provided and priced according to your specific needs, and not on an inflated ‘one price fits all’ basis.

So what are the advantages of using a professional house cleaner compared to doing it yourself?

Avoid bond disputes

Unless your lease has a special condition built into it requiring you to use a professional house cleaner at the end of your lease, you are under no obligation to do so. You can elect to do it yourself. But the danger here is that the landlord may take advantage of the fact that you haven’t used professional cleaners and find things to fault in the cleaning job that you have done.

When landlords or property agents know that a reputable professional cleaner has been used to do the job, they tend to not be so picky when doing their final inspection, because they know that professional cleaners don’t try to cut corners, otherwise their reputation may suffer. Many professional cleaners rely on referrals from property agents.

More than half of bond disputes are related to the end-of-lease cleaning. If a landlord feels the job hasn’t been done properly, they will simply bring in a professional cleaner, ask them to finish the cleaning, and deduct the cost from the repayment of the deposit due to the tenant.

Quality of work

End-of-lease cleaning involves ‘deep cleaning’. That means more powerful chemicals have to be used in some parts of the house than would normally be used in daily or weekly cleaning routines. These are chemicals that professional cleaners have on hand – and know how to use properly – but which you would have to go out and buy especially for the job.

These are chemicals that are needed for getting rid of mold and residue build-up in corners of bathrooms and toilets, and for cleaning stove tops and other surfaces where stains may have built-up over time, despite being regularly cleaned with consumer grade cleaning solutions.

If you do the job yourself and buy these professional grade chemicals for the job, you will likely have quantities of chemicals left over which you will then have to transport to your new place and find a place to store them securely. If you are not able to use these chemicals until you move again, they may no longer be effective, and you will have wasted quite a lot of money in the process of trying to make savings.

Time to complete

Most people who elect to do the end-of-lease cleaning themselves underestimate the time required to complete the work – often very substantially. As we said earlier, end-of-lease cleaning is ‘deep cleaning’ – it’s much more than what is done during a weekly clean or even an annual spring clean. Every surface inside and out must be cleaned and that includes tops of doors, under fridges and places that the average householder might not even think about cleaning.

Air conditioning filters, fan blades and fly screens have to be cleaned. The inside of every cupboard and drawer has to be cleaned and disinfected – and that can take a lot of time to do properly. Cleaning of Venetian or vertical blinds is another time-consuming task. Some landlords may require curtains to be washed or dry-cleaned as well, depending on the term of your lease and how long you have been there for.

Another issue that can sometimes lead to bond disputes is whether discoloration of surfaces is regarded as normal wear and tear, or whether it is something that has to be rectified by the tenant. That’s something a professional cleaner will be able to advise you on before the landlord’s final inspection.

The only downside

Aside from the possibility of the cleaner doing a bad job – which won’t be an issue if you use an established and reputable cleaning firm – the only downside of using a professional house cleaner is the cost. But when you weigh up that cost against the advantages listed above – and especially the time it will save you – it’s not a hard decision to make.

If you still have any doubts about the benefits of using a professional cleaner for your end-of-lease cleaning, ask the cleaning firm if they will guarantee that there won’t be any problems with your bond repayment because of cleaning issues. Many firms guarantee that if the landlord is not satisfied with the cleaning job, they will come back and fix the problems free of charge.

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